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Kindie・s team of dedicated teachers and curriculum specialists has many years of international teaching and education experience. Collaborating with our network of worldwide partners and schools, our team has created a culturally-rich learning environment.

Ms Ines Martinčić is the co-founder of Kindie International Kindergarten. She has a BA degree in Language Arts from the University of Zagreb. Ines・ teaching career started in Croatia in 2004. After being registered as a Qualified Native English Teacher, she moved to Hong Kong to pursue teaching English as a foreign language. Ines started working at Hong Kong Preschool. She helped redefine the kindergarten・s curriculum by infusing a needed dose of creativity and enthusiasm. She returned to Zagreb in 2009 to jumpstart her lifelong dream - Kindie.

Ms Vanessa Lewis is the curriculum specialist of Kindie International Kindergarten. In 1995, she graduated from Lancaster University (UK) with a BA (Honours) degree. Vanessa quickly gave up a career in business for one in education. She has over 15 years of early childhood (QKT) and primary school experience and played an instrumental role in the setting up of two private preschools  in Hong Kong. In 2008, Vanessa and Vedran set up their own educational company. In just over one year, Vanessa has helped Edupower grow to become a leading English language provider. Vanessa is currently working on her first publication.

Ms Agnes Chu is the language learning specialist of Kindie International Kindergarten. She has both a Bachelor・s Degree in Education and a Master・s Degree in English. Agnes has invaluable experience as a teacher and curriculum developer. She has developed an excellent ability to concurrently manage classrooms of children with varying levels and abilities. One of her special interests has been using drama as a vital tool for language learning. Using drama has helped students develop self-expression and allowed them to experience language through emotions and feelings.

Mr Vedran Rožić is the co-founder of Kindie International Kindergarten. After graduating from Cornell University with a BA (Distinction) degree, Vedran joined an educational software company in New York City. Working as a curriculum analyst and developer, he planned and designed the company・s core curriculum. In 2002, Vedran moved to Silicon Valley, California, where he helped to launch the company・s first educational products. In 2005, he moved to Hong Kong and joined Edupower English Club as a curriculum manager. In 2008, Vedran and Vanessa started their own entrepreneurial venture. Their company quickly grew into a premier language service provider. Vedran has had the privilege of studying, living and working in countries across four continents and he brings an international perspective to the project.

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