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"DISCOVER SCIENCE" SUMMER CAMP 2011. Join us in July for a summer of wacky science fun! Become a junior mad scientist and enjoy hands-on experiments, science-themed arts & crafts, active indoor and outdoor recreation and whole lot of playful discovery! Join us for a week or stay for a month... you'll be sure to have a blast! Applications are now being accepted. Sign up today!

ENGLISH CURRICULUM. Kindie¡¦s English curriculum for lower class students is based on Playtime Phonics and Playtime English. The curriculum targets very young learners of English and teaches children basic letter and sound recognition, simple vocabulary, target language and enforces language learning through songs, rhymes, music, body and movement. Upper class students are introduced to more advanced language skills focused around Scholastic's English and Phonics. Students learn the 26 letters and sounds, basic blending techniques, spelling and writing practice along with simple sentence structures and advanced vocabulary. The overall learning process is enhanced through interactive projects, diversified group activities and language games.

MATHEMATICS CURRICULUM. Kindie has successfully incorporated Britannica's SmartMath software into its mathematics curriculum. Our upper level students will now be using an innovative math program to help build a solid foundation in both mathematics and English. SmartMath is a highly personalized program allowing students to learn and progress at their own pace. It's all about engaging, interactive and fun learning!

EIGHT MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES. Kindie¡¦s curriculum focuses on "how to learn" as opposed to "what to learn". We achieve this through the theory of multiple intelligences which was developed by Dr. Howard Gardner, professor of education at Harvard University. These intelligences are:

Linguistic intelligence  ("word smart") - This area has to do with words, spoken or written. Careers that suit those with this intelligence include writers, lawyers, policemen, philosophers, journalists, politicians, poets, and teachers.

Logical-mathematical  ("number/reasoning smart") - This area has to do with logic, abstractions, reasoning, and numbers. Careers which suit those with this intelligence include scientists, physicists, mathematicians, logicians, engineers, doctors, economists and philosophers.

Spatial intelligence  ("picture smart") - This area deals with spatial judgement and the ability to visualize with the mind's eye. Careers which suit those with this type of intelligence include artists, designers and architects. A spatial person is also good with puzzles.

Bodily-Kinesthetic  ("body smart") - This area has to do with controlling one's bodily motion. Careers that suit those with this intelligence include: athletes, dancers, musicians, actors, surgeons, doctors, builders and police officers.

Musical intelligence  ("music smart") - This area has to do with sensitivity to sounds, rhythms, tones, and music. Careers that suit those with this intelligence include instrumentalists, singers, conductors, disc-jockeys, orators, writers and composers.

Interpersonal intelligence  ("people smart") - This area has to do with interaction with others. Careers that suit those with this intelligence include sales, politicians, managers, teachers, and social workers.

Intrapersonal intelligence  ("self smart") - This area has to do with introspective and self-reflective capacities. Careers which suit those with this intelligence include philosophers, psychologists, theologians, lawyers, and writers.

Naturalist intelligence  ("nature smart") - This area has to do with nature, nurturing and relating information to one¡¦s natural surroundings. Careers which suit those with this intelligence include naturalists and gardeners.

We aim to place equal attention on individuals who show gifts in all intelligences: the artists, architects, musicians, naturalists, designers, dancers and all others who enrich the world in which we live. Our teachers are trained to present their lessons in a wide variety of ways using music, drama, cooperative learning, art activities, role play, multimedia, field trips, inner reflection, group projects and much more.

CORE CURRICULUM. Our core curriculum includes phonics-based learning, conversation practice, reading and writing skills, early math and science exploration, music, art and physical education. All supplementary resources and teaching aids (props, big books, songs) are sourced from the UK and the USA. Award winning story and language books are frequently stocked.

INTER-SCHOOL PROJECTS. Kindie is part of an international network of kindergartens that participate in fun inter-school programmes. We continually exchange ideas, share curriculum information, organize student pen pal exchanges, provide cultural learning... all aimed at linking Kindie to the world!

Our new inter-school project for this term: Kindie's Easter Card Exchange Programme (organised in association with Hong Kong International Preschool).

STUDENT PORTFOLIOS. A collection of student work will be organised in a student portfolio at the end of each term. Along with their teacher's observations and comments, parents will be able to monitor their children's abilities and progress throughout the year.

EXTRA-CURRICULAR COURSES. More information about our extra-curricular courses will be posted soon.


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